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As its name shows, I'm going to show my portfolio here. My activities as a developer and designer, product owner and SEO marketer will be published here. Soon there will be some parts for me to show my hubbies such as photography and a blog.


My Role

This is my own website, so I’m both designer and developer of it. Actually, I developed both sides of frontend and backend using WordPress.


To start designing this website I had two principles, it had to be minimal and to the point. It was important to show my real character to visitors to make the first impression. so, I used one of my pictures in the hero that could express my character. I'm an energic guy so as the image. Having balanced white space is my favorite so I used it in my design, as you can see. Developing a fast website was one of the other things that was important to me, so I used WordPress and to make it more dynamic for my activities page, I used the Guttenberg so I could make pages with a variety of layouts and no limitations. In this way I could add projects of every kind so fast and easy. I'm going to have more parts in my website soon.