Smart Buildings

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Smart Buildings is an IOT startup. As its name says, it is for monitor and controlling buildings and everything in it that can connect to internet such as smart lamps. It can monitor used water or electricity or even control temperature of each unit of a building. The startup is launched in Canada.

Smart Buildings

My Role

I was both user experience and user interface designer in this project. To reach a design that could be agreed by all stakeholders, I had to have lots of meetings and discussions with product manager, development team and of course, lots of testers.

Product Roadmap

We wanted to have a MVP dashboard asap, that users could monitor status of their devices in a building. The plan is to have a panel that can control everything in every type of buildings and even farms! So, we had to design something that could scale in the near future. I used related icons for devices as lamps or temperature and placed some charts to have a bird eye on every change through timeline, so if anything bad happened user could react to it.

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