• Design

Sequence is an IOT startup which controls every moving thing. It can trace a car, a ship or even a small package which is in an airplane. We use very small chipsets that can connect to the internet to trace them. In our dashboard you can set alarm for a trip that if a device is out of its way, you can be notified. You can see status of your devices and check its temperature or humidity on a continues chart.


My Role

As a UI/UX designer, my task was to design a quick and easy to develop admin panel. I had to have multiple meetings with product manager and tech team.

Product Roadmap

We had a very limited time to design and develop this panel, so I proposed to use a UI Kit both for me to design and our frontend developers to develop the admin panel. I tried to find some well documented UI Kits and my final choice was using Atlassian UI Kit. It had a good-looking UI and very good document so it helped us to design and develop all of the panel in less than 2 weeks! I used original name of the components so development team could find it in the document very fast and easy.

Asset details

Device management