2019 until now
  • Design
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Musicisho is a legal Persian music download website which now is in the top 5 websites of this industry. Our plan was becoming the best Iranian music website in a 5 years plan. Musicisho takes 90% of its users from Google and its base BM is showing ads to users. We had a record of becoming top 400 sites in Iran and top 14k websites all over the internet based on Alexa ranking. Nowadays we had more than 300k users per day and it's on its road to become the biggest website of Iranian music.


My Role

Musicisho is my startup. I can tell it's my only successful startup that could survive, yet. I do lots of things here such as:

  • designing UI/UX
  • developing frontend
  • developing backend using WordPress
  • 4 robots to make things automate
  • designing social assets
  • providing contents

and more.

I am the business owner of Musicisho so making money is my most priority. I'll explain more below.

Product Roadmap

I launched a website named dl2music nearly 11 years ago. It became the best website in Iranian music but I couldn't continue it and finally the project was terminated. After 9 years, I decided to launch a new website again in this industry with much more knowledge of SEO, copywriting and UX design. So, I tried to observe my competitors for about 3 months. Tried to read more about technical SEO and providing contents. Finally, one night Musicisho borne in MVP method. We started with the least possible cost and tried to test every action of users, using Google Analytics events. We tried to do a high quality copywrites so google would let us become in the first rank in long tail keywords. After having more users for near 2 months, we redesigned the website with major changes based on test results. After that we could decrease bounce rate from 80% to 20%. Then we started to build up a team and I tried to lead and train them. We had high quality contents and a website that was loading in less than 400 milliseconds. I checked website performance on a scheduled plan using google insights and tried to do its recommendations, so Musicisho requests became less than 10. We had everything we need to become the best in industry and are trying to!

After learning more through the road, I started to develop some robots to automate our tasks for providing contents for website. It did things like downloading and uploading mp3s, changing the album art of each song to our preferred template, writing a unique content and posting it to WordPress using headless APIs. Also, I wrote a telegram robot to send our newest posts to our telegram channel.

After that I scaled up my robots and wrote a telegram bot to do postings and after that we scaled our post number from 20 to 100 on a single day.

For Instagram and YouTube, we have to make a music visualizer that was built using our special after effects template, but we needed more videos and our recourses were limited. So, I started to make a telegram robot which takes song's name, artist's name, album art and mp3. Then it sends the data to my server APIs, and we make our music visualizers on the server and get them again on telegram. I attached a sample video here below.

In our way to growth and reach to our milestones, we had to do some marketing. We started to observe each channel's performance and optimized them using excel and lots of formulas.

These are beautiful works, but a startup needs to make money! We started to monetize Musicisho after 7 months and had a good record using lots of optimizations in placing ads in the best possible way. We could return all the costs in just 8 months and after that we reached our break-even point, we could take the profit of income. It's still going and we now have one of the best Persian music websites all over the internet both on quality and UX for users.

After some tests, I added a social sharing button for WhatsApp and Telegram so users could share their beloved songs and playlists with their friends in the easiest possible way. I trace link sharing via UTM in Google Analytics.

Nowadays Musicisho is in the top 30k websites all over the internet and top 600 Iranian websites based on Alexa ranking. We could decrease our bounce rate under 15% and having more than 300K users per day.

Musicisho homepage in desktop version
Here is one of videos that is fully created using my telegram robot and a backend wrote by nodeJS.
Musicisho single page in mobile