Level Complex

  • Design

Level Complex is a building based in Tehran, which has multiple parts such as restaurants, gym, kids’ salon and more on. Main target of this project was to develop a website that shows main activities of Level Complex and adding extra features in the future.

Level Complex

My Role

I was designer, plus business development consultant in this project. Designing homepage of Level and one of restaurants was my task. I build a team for them and buildup scrum and assigning for development team.

Product Roadmap

We had a long discussion with stakeholders about design of homepage and had to change it a lot. After nearly 3 months of work, finally they agreed on our design and frontend team could start their tasks. But in between of this process I was leading backend team to start developing APIs that frontend team would need in the near future of the project. It was important for us to have a mobile first design because users would come to it across QR codes that are in the building and get familiar with all features of it. We tested our designs by making a full functional prototype and changed based on test results until we get to the most efficient design.

Desktop version

Mobile version