• Design

Flytoor was a tourism startup that its vision was becoming main source to cheap travel in Iran. first step to make it happen was to make a website that only let users to book the cheapest flights, but soon it would have much bigger with variety of services for tourists.


My Role

As a designer I had to design a funnel that users could book their tickets with minimum steps.

I did some business consultancies for the start of project that will be explained below.

Product Roadmap

To start this project, we had to think about the most efficient way of bootstrapping it. I offered to start with a telegram bot that users could book their preferred tickets directly on telegram. This idea was coming up by thinking about Iranian users. They are so comfortable to use telegram bots, so you have less headache to train them. On the other hand, developing a telegram bot was so fast and easy! And a very important point is marketing! One of the cheapest and most efficient ways of marketing is going through telegram channels. A bot can be shared in private and group chats so it needs a push to make its own word of mouth. Designing a user-friendly funnel in telegram had some challenges such as choosing a date and time for tickets. During doing these tasks, I designed the very first and small mobile first web page that users could choose their preferred date, time and locations to get the best price.

Choose a destination
Choose time to get back