DrDr Covid-19 Campaign

  • Design

DrDr is one of the health startup leaders in Iran, which its main vision is helping people to have easier access to health care services. Currently main service of DrDr was booking a doctor for local patients only, but during covid pandemic they started to develop some features to do more online services such as online medical consultancies. So, we tried to have some marketing campaigns about covid online consultants.

DrDr Covid-19 Campaign

My Role

I joined DrDr team as a UI/UX design consultant, but despite of more than 5 years in running marketing campaigns and limitations on development, we reached an agreement to extend my role. So, I started to design and develop landing pages using ReactJS as front-end library. I also had to check marketing copywriters both on landing pages and SMS texts.

Project Roadmap

This was their first digital campaign ever, so there were no data about any CTR or drop percentage on each step. We started the campaign by making a simple standard landing page and set some events on the landing. we had multiple rounds of tests, and at each step we changed landing page elements to make it better and optimize it. We observed and analyzed users’ behavior such as scrolling and clicking on each part of the page. We had A/B tests with multiple feature images, texts and position of buttons. After improving and going on, we could improve online orders by more than 60% compared with previous month.