Doran Restaurant

  • Design

Doran is a Persian restaurant that serves Persian food and salads. It's a part of Level Complex that at the starting point, users would open it via QR codes which are stuck on tables of Doran. In the near future it's going to have online ordering when its infrastructures are ready.

Doran Restaurant

My Role

It was part of Level Complex project, so my role was leading tech team and designing the restaurant main page and full steps of online ordering and booking the restaurant. plus designing a profile for Doran users as could be scalable to all part of Level Complex in the future.

Product Roadmap

Having a mobile first website was a priority to us and that was because of our way of taking users to it. Users would come to Doran's website via QR codes with their mobile phones. First steps were just to have a digital menu and then adding a booking system was our second objective. We added digital menu and booking system both and then, having a full functional online ordering system was the most advanced objective. We designed and developed all of its funnel from filling the basket through registering the user and paying the bill to a profile that users could see their orders process and history. We designed a profile that could be scaled to all parts of complex. It has multiple parts that are mobile friendly. Users can see their bookings and orders and as a part of our UX process, we send SMS notifications to remind users about their table booking time with a link to google maps to help them navigate to Level Complex in the easiest possible way.

Doran homepage (desktop)
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Level Profile Dashboard (mobile)
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Doran homepage (mobile)
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