Donsho Website

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Donesho was a home services website, which users could submit their requests, and the platform would connect them to some of the local professionals, who could resolve users' problems. We showed a list of professionals to the user with different bids for each specialist and the user could negotiate with all of them and choose one in the end.

Donsho Website

My Role

At Donesho I was both a designer and front-end developer. I designed the product in MVP methodology and developed it by reactJS. Also, I helped the marketing team with their campaigns on social media.

Product Roadmap

After thinking about the BM and BP of the product, we started to design wireframes. I checked pages and their connections with the business team and after that, I started to design the user interface. We continued our job based on MVP and Agile methodology. During the process, we tested our pages using prototypes and after developing the website, we used Google Analytics to set multiple events for tests. We debugged each bug in development and design and in the end, we could drive a good quality product to the users. We observed every click, user drop in the order funnel, and took feedback from users. Donesho was one of my best experiences.

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