Beauty Salons Campaign

  • Design

We wanted to develop a landing page for beauty salons. The main purpose of that was to make them our clients to lunch marketing campaigns for them. We had to emphasize some of our features such as having more than 40 million users for push notifications, making banners for digital and offline use, and also making teaser videos.

Beauty Salons Campaign

My Role

My role in this project was to design a responsive landing page that works perfectly both on mobile and desktop. Also, I was the front-end team lead and had to control the development processes

Product Roadmap

After gaining good knowledge about the business target, we tried to design a landing page that could answer the most important questions for beauty salons. On the other hand, we provided multiple CTAs on the page so we could accelerate connecting salon owners to our PRs. Multiple tests proved that the success rate would improve about 40% by a telephone call.