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Ahang is an app for streaming Persian music. We've a good experience in music startups and discussed about its potential revenue and lack of a good app with high UX quality in Iranian music apps. It had to have an good AI to suggest music to users based on their loved songs and artists. We thought about customized home pages for each user to have special featured songs for them. We had a gamification to make word of mouth and planned a good growth map. We had thought about multiple fun features, which I'll explain them below.


My Role

I was one of business owners in this one. I designed it based on my previous experience in designing a music app. We made a BM and BP for it and made a task list in JIRA. I developed an admin panel with ReactJS and connected it to the backend that my partner developed by .netCore . We estimated each month revenue and made growth chart, thought about marketing channels and lots of more business things in the process.

Product Roadmap

There were lots of benchmarks for an app like Ahang, from Spotify and Apple Music to Tidal. But there is no good music app in Iran that could satisfy users by having a good UX and AI behind it. We had a good development team and good knowledge of its market potential. Our method was scrum and had an MVP plan. We started by developing backend and designing main pages of the app. We tested app's design by having a good prototype with animations to make it as near as possible to the final product and test it with a variety of test users. After each test, we discussed and changed the funnel, if we agreed to. On the other hand, we developed a good backend with our future vision that was having a good AI. We developed an admin panel to organize songs, albums, playlists, artists, genres and categories. We needed an android developer so we started to interview some developers and accepted one of them. We chopped our target to multiple PBIs and tasks and had a good timetable for each release. But we failed in developing android app because of our developer leaved us. And the app development stopped right there.

It was important to me to have a modern and simple app. There would be lots of album arts so I made a decision to have a minimal design. Majority of our users are in Iran and have a slow internet connection so, from the UX perspective we had to have a very highly responsive backend and transfer songs to the user as fast as possible. We had it with some techs used in our backend and having our servers in Iran. It's critical to have users actively in app so we decided to have a gamification in app. We planned to have some missions for users to get points for each of them. Word of mouth is the most important thing so we had a high point for inviting friends by users, also we had a leaderboard for users to make a competition between them and encourage them to get more and more points. Plus, users could buy elements such as avatars of their beloved artists or a month premium subscription by taken points.

Our BM was showing ads from adMob and in the future we were going to have subscriptions.

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