Adwised User Panel

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Adwised is one of the biggest marketing companies in Iran. They have multiple marketing channels with tons of users in each. As an example, they have more than 40 million users just in push notifications. We had to design and develop a panel for publishers and advertisers that could do everything they need in it. They also needed to have multiple reports of income, clicks, impressions, and more on graph mode.

Adwised User Panel

My Role

I was UX/UI designer and front-end team lead to develop the panel. This project was coded in reactJS.

Product Roadmap

Adwised was one of the most complex projects for me. It had so many pages and multiple ads types. We had to determine both sides of the platform's needs in the right place. On the other hand, Adwised itself had different plans for mobile push notifications and web push notifications, so we had to have it on our minds. Designing of this panel was on MVP methodology. We designed new pages and tested them using actual prototypes. Design and development of it took about 3 months and with every other big project, the actual work was just started. We had to observe the way users use our panel and had to change those parts that had bugs in development or design.

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